Black Rose Begins: Led by the founder of Nocturne, Hyziri returns to EVE to build a new alliance.
Thursday, November 30th 2023

Black Rose Begins

Led by the founder of Nocturne, Hyziri returns to EVE to build a new alliance.

My History in EVE


I am Hyziri, I have been playing EVE Online since 2015 starting in a small highsec (high security space) industry corporation called Black Eagle Industrial before moving to nullsec (null security space) with Karmafleet back when Goonswarm Federation was in Deklein.

Throughout my EVE career I've ran about 8 corporations & 2 sov holding alliances, BlackRose. & Nocturne., reaching upwards of 2,000 & 900 characters respectively.

I can tell you now that when I began I was no expert at running corps, in fact I hardly knew how to play EVE, spending the majority of my day mining, afraid to venture out of highsec to due to fear of PvP (player vs player) combat which I now believe is one of the most defining characteristics of EVE Online.

I got well acquainted with PvP after joining Ascendance in 2016 under Goonswarm Federation when Goons were just starting in Delve after World War Bee I. I learned most of my recruitment skills in Ascendance where I was a Senior Recruiter for a few months, during my time in Delve I remember buying into the carrier ratting craze after the release of citadels. I ended up spending $100 to plex the injectors & carrier to get myself into carrier ratting. I ended up spending all my time in EVE carrier ratting to get a super which I never got because I spent all my ISK on injectors. I took a break for awhile after this period, when I came back I spent my time starting corps and experimenting a bit leading up to my 3 most successful corporations yet.

  1. Akavhi Guard (Reckless Contingency)
  2. Fiction. (BlackRose.)
  3. Nocturne Inc. (Nocturne.)

Note: Akavhi Guard was in Reckless Contingency during my time as CEO.

Akavhi Guard, My First Nullsec Corporation

Akavhi Guard

Akavhi Guard was the first corporation I truly took to nullsec, we started in highsec for a few months before getting an offer to join Dead Heaven Syndicate & Federation of Respect Honor Passion Alliance. in Deklein after the fall of the Guardians of the Galaxy Coalition. Our time in Deklein was short lived to say the least, we were in a constant war with United Federation of Conifers who lived out of Pure Blind and were encroaching upon our space. Eventually DHS (Dead Heaven Syndicate) collapsed as a result of significant stress upon the alliance executor who overnight disbanded the alliance which forfeited the sovereignty we lived under.

Akavhi Guard lived with them during that time under Artorias Alliance with around 200 characters. Shortly after the collapse of DHS we received an offer to join either Fraternity in Branch or Dracarys in Delve, we decided upon joining Dracarys along with the majority of the ex-DHS corporations.

Akavhi Guard lived under Dracarys for a brief few weeks before deciding to move to Reckless Contingency as Dracarys' English branch was very small at the time and largely scattered.

The majority of my remaining time as CEO in Akavhi Guard was spent in Reckless Contingency joining strategic fleets and participating in Pandemic Horde standing home defense to pass the time. Akavhi Guard eventually ended up stagnating as I spent more time PvPing rather than recruiting which was largely being taken care of by Shugun Antollare at the time who was by far the most dedicated recruiter I've ever had.

I ended up passing off Akavhi Guard to Slayer198933 as a result of burning out due to spending almost all of my free time playing EVE Online & trying to multibox 5 Gilas at once 8 hours a day. A few months later Shugun Antollare took over as CEO after Slayer, to this day Shugun has done an impressive job of keeping the corporation running as a member of Fraternity.

During my time in Akavhi Guard I learned how to use google spreadsheets to manage corporations and paid Kane Larette ISK to host our IT services prior to learning how to do it myself.

A brief history in recruitment ads:


BlackRose, My First Sov Holding Nullsec Alliance


Fiction. was my 2nd nullsec corporation under BlackRose which was my first nullsec sov holding alliance. We started in highsec out of Erme, Sinq Laison, where we formed an alliance with Black Sand Management. After a few months of relentless recruitment, reaching upwards of 1,000 characters, we made contact with Sedition. a nullsec sov holding alliance in Scalding Pass part of FI.RE (Final Reunion) Coalition. FI.RE was largely a Russian coalition with a sizeable English division in the European timezone. FI.RE was made up of Legion of xXDeathXx, Synergy of Steel, Unreal Alliance, Valkyrie Alliance, Razor Alliance, and several others.

We eventually decided to make the leap to nullsec living out of Sedition's space in Scalding Pass, FI.RE was interested in us joining to increase their North American timezone presence due to the large amount of English speaking members we had. Unfortunately we rushed nullsec a little too soon, the majority of our members could hardly fly any PvP doctrines and had little idea of staying safe in nullsec space, we decided to push on regardless.

After about a month of living on Sedition's couch in ZNF-OK we got our own space with our new staging Fortizar Garden of Thorns setup in K7-LDX on March 20th 2021. A few months later Sedition ended up leaving Scalding Pass which resulted in Black Rose picking up the 7VJ-7M constellation, the couch we used to live on.

Guardians of Tranquility Moon War

Guardians of Tranquility

During this time we had an extensive war with Guardians of Tranquility, a resident corporation of Angel NPC space in the region of Curse. We often fought over the system of S-E6ES which they held an R64 moon with an athanor on it. Our biggest struggle was that despite our large member count we had a lot of inactive players, additionally we had a lot of new players that lacked the SP to fly FI.RE's doctrines. To make matters worse GOT (Guardians of Tranquility) was largely a Chinese timezone alliance which resulted in a lot of fights being past midnight for our mostly North American timezone alliance.

We ended up having several late night fights against Guardians of Tranquility, forming up with FI.RE Coalition we finally managed to evict them from S-E6ES & EIN-QG after a multiple month long struggle since they started cloaky camping our space initially.

Following the successful eviction of GOT we picked up an additional 5 systems next to K7-LDX in August, 2021 putting us at a total of 19 systems.

The War Against Rekking Crew


In September of 2021 we began to siege the region of Immensea with FI.RE, at the time Immensea was held by Rekking Crew, a coalition made up of Purple Helmeted Warriors, Dreadbomb, The Rogue Consortium, Honorable Third Party, and more who were the main enemies of FI.RE.

The war kicked off with a renter of Rekking Crew selling about 100 billion ISK worth of structures to us for a low price of about 10 billion ISK as they were disgruntled with Dreadmbomb's rental management. As a result we received several structures in the C73-U5 constellation which was owned by Dreadbomb at the time. In response Rekking Crew decided to call Goonswarm to kill our Sotiyo located in I-NGI8 that was transferred to us by the renters. 722 players & Goonswarm's super fleet showed up to destroy our structure which was quite an accomplishment for a less than 1 year old new player alliance.

I ended up stepping down as executor around this time largely due to real life, I was still in high school at this time and was spending more time in EVE than in school largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sonnysays & Uthar Thiesant ended up taking over afterwards, carrying the alliance forward in Immensea. Black Rose continued to take more sov, with upwards of 30 systems between Immensea & Scalding Pass. Black Rose ended up leaving FI.RE around December 2022 when they moved to faction warfare as a result of drama between Black Rose & Razor surrounding a Razor corporation joining Black Rose.

During my time in BlackRose I branched out from spreadsheets and learned how to host our own alliance auth & mumble instance for our alliance IT services. Additionally I built a website for Nocturne to help push recruitment using the React framework and later built a website to track moon mining to pay for alliance services.

Black Rose's Recruitment Ad:

Nocturne's History


I returned to EVE after a 6 month hiatus to pick up where I left off on alliance building. Nocturne was established in highsec in Azerakish, Domain. Over the span of about 4 months Nocturne grew to about 800 characters before receiving an offer to move down to nullsec with FI.RE (Final Reunion) Coalition.

After accepting FI.RE's offer, Nocturne moved down to Immensea setting up in QE-E1D in a fortizar called "Insomnia" with 4 small systems to call home in November 2022, 4 months after we were founded.

Black Rose was still around in Immensea during this time for about 1 month before they decided to leave FI.RE. Nocturne ended up picking up BlackRose's space in Immensea while maintaining QE-E1D as staging which we were able to do thanks to a jump bridge from QE-E1D -> Z4-QLD. The first few weeks waiting for the strategic index to allow us to place the jump bridge was painful though to say the least.

We ended up with 22 systems total as a result of picking up Black Rose's space, the majority of our time ended up being spent struggling to maintain them even with the jump bridge to speed up travel time. Shortly after picking up our new space war was declared in January 2023, Pandemic Horde and Imperium declared war against FI.RE to evict us from the South.

Horde war announcement

The war was short lived, it ultimately ended in FI.RE moving up North to live in Fade under B2 coalition comprised of WE FORM BL0B & Brave Collective. Afterwards I left Azrael Hunts in charge of Nocturne while I focused on real life to further improve my web development skills & get out of the restaurant industry.

A New Beginning

EVE is a game unlike any other & the #1 reason that I always come back to EVE is how intertwined it is with out of game infrastructure that alliances run off of such as Alliance Auth & SeAT. Growing up I never wanted to get into programming as I feared that none of my code would ever work and it would be too complicated. EVE ended up helping me slowly get into programming starting with spreadsheets, then server hosting, and then finally building the website themselves.

For anyone who wishes to get into corporation/alliance building, programming, or really anything in life, the best advice I can give you is to practice until you cannot fail.

Black Rose begins once more to continue upon our original goal of building a gateway to EVE Online, at Black Rose new players are welcome & real life always comes first. Community is what makes EVE special, our community highly values being well organized & providing high quality IT services to make the lives of both our members & leadership easier so they can spend more time enjoying the game.

If you are interested, learn more by checking out our website!