New Player Friendly,

Real Life First.

Black Rose is a new player friendly & real life first EVE Online alliance in high security space with an emphasis on community, organization, and new player experience. We participate in all areas of EVE and offer many paths to help our members explore their interests in the EVE Universe.

Why Join Black Rose?

From small gang skirmishes to covert ops fleets, get started in PvP with Black Rose!

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Lead Fleets

Our Skirmish Commander program allows motivated individuals the opportunity to get hands on experience to one day lead major strategic fleets.

SRP for Strategic Fleets

If you lose a doctrine ship during strategic fleets, Black Rose will provide you the ISK to replace it to quickly prepare for the next fight.

Newbie Friendly PvP

Our free frigate program allows brand new players to quickly and accessibly get into PvP at 0 cost.

  • Black Rose Begins: Led by the founder of Nocturne, Hyziri returns to EVE to build a new alliance.

Black Rose's Statistics






Ships Destroyed

Black Rose's Statistics

Become a Part of an Evergrowing Alliance

Black Rose strives to always be improving our member's experience & increasing our scope of activities.

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Join Black Rose Today!

Whether you are a new player, alpha clone, returning player, or veteran, Black Rose wants YOU! We do not have any skillpoint requirements & have many programs to help even the newest of players get started in EVE Online.

1. Apply to Black Rose Inc.

Submit an application to Black Rose Inc in-game by pressing Shift + S, searching for "Black Rose Inc.", then right-clicking the result. After that, click "Show Info", and finally, click "Apply to Join" at the bottom.

2. Wait For Your Invitation

Once your application is submitted, a recruitment officer will review your application and contact you in-game if they have any questions. On average less than 24 hour response time.

3. Accept Your Invitation

Upon approval of your application you will receive an invitation to join Black Rose Inc. Check your notifications in the bottom right of your screen & click on it to accept the invite.

4. Follow The Getting Started Guide

After joining you will receive a welcome evemail containing useful links, one of which is the getting started guide which covers getting moved over to us, making ISK, and joining fleets.


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